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Web3 Social Music & Festival Platform
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Chaotic DJs is a collection of 10,000 NFTs that brings the Music, Festival, DJ and Web3 communities a home to Interact, Connect, Engage and Earn ($CHAOTIC).

Owning a Chaotic DJs NFT will provide you FULL access to our Chaotic Land festivals, exclusive events & private parties, Music Education and Mentorship Programs, Social Music Platform with DJ-ing Opportunities, DeFi Tools and all of our many other benefits.

Get from one of 4 Chaotic Animals – Tiger, Bunny, Wolf and Ape – each with their own set of unique roles.

Our ecosystem will be fueled with $CHAOTIC Tokens enabling Airdrops, Rewards, Staking, Swapping and other select Web3 Applications.

Chaotic DJs is a project that covers a lot of different areas, not just DJ-ing. The bigger the participation, the bigger the reward. Expect the unexpected... it’s going to be Chaotic!

Total Supply:

PRE-Mint Price:
0.1 ETH

mint Date:
OCT 2022



Chaotic Land

  • Full access entry tickets to all our festivals, exclusive events and private parties.
  • IRL events, live-streams, AR/VR, cutting-edge innovative immersive experiences and future Metaverse events with our festival and club partners.
  • Custom HOLOGRAM technology for two-way, real-time, live performances of our DJs as their Chaotic DJs avatar, for remote and multiple venue festivals.
  • Chaotic Land Initiation Party.
    Date: TBD after mint.
    Location: Nyjah Huston’s venue of choice in Los Angeles, USA (i.e. Private Skatepark or Mansion Party).
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Music Programs

  • 5x Free Music Program Scholarships to NYU | TISCH x Billboards powered by Yellowbrick, available exclusively to our holders, on an annual basis.
  • Mentorship with DJs, Song Writers, Producers, Festival and Club Owners from within our community, providing the Mentors a way to Earn and giveback to their community and the Proteges the exclusive opportunity to learn directly from some of the best in the industry.
  • Studio Recording and Production sessions at state-of-the-art facility in Miami, USA or remotely.

DAO Dashboard App & Social Music Platform

  • Submit and discover music sets from fellow community members.
  • Community voting and ranking of music sets and DJs, used in selecting DJs to perform on the massive stage at upcoming Chaotic Land events.  
  • Locked and Flexible Staking of NFTs and $CHAOTIC Tokens to Earn $CHAOTIC.
  • Token Swapping, Liquidity Pools and all other DeFi tools launched.
  • Proposals for Events, DJs, Locations, Themes, Partnerships and New Ventures. A portion of the Royalties from secondary markets will go into the DOA Treasury Wallet, and members will manage these funds per community accepted proposals.
    Dao dashboard, the social music platform
    Private airplane

    Giveaways, Raffles & Auctions

    • Day in the life with Nyjah Huston, Kliff Kingsbury & other celebs
    • 5x Wyndham Resorts Timeshares ($5000 value each), renewed annually
    • Artist Tickets to major music festivals around the world
    • Merchandise


    $CHAOTIC is a Utility Token and the Main Currency of the Chaotic DJs Ecosystem.*

    $CHAOTIC will be a Fixed Supply of no more than 7 figures in quantity. We are carefully architecting our Tokenomics in accordance with today's market conditions and where we see it stabilizing. That being said, we have ruled out an Initial Coin Offering to protect our ecosystem. We believe in fairness and equality. We believe in the DAO structure and will give our community access to be vocal and make decisions as we rollout our $CHAOTIC token.

    Tokens can be Earned through multiple means such as Staking, Uploading Content, Monthly Emissions, Community Engagement and more.

    Powerful Burning Mechanics continuously deplete circulating supply, making $CHAOTIC deflationary and appreciate in the Long-Term perspective.

    *Pending regulatory approval

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    A NFT character of a bunny with wingA NFT character of an ape not dressedA NFT character of a wolf dressed puffer jacket A NFT character of a tiger dressed in suit with wing smoking


    The Chaotic DJs NFT Collection is composed of 4 different animals – a Tiger, Bunny, Wolf and Ape. Each animal has their own role in the Chaotic DJs Ecosystem and as such carry different roles and utility.


    The Tigers are the male DJs and Kings of the party. Everyone wants to go out with them and be in their company since they bring the Chaos and bring everyone together.


    The Bunnies are the female DJs and up-and-coming Artists. They are the life of the party and everyone wants to be around them at the very least; Chaos is in the air when they are around.


    The Apes are the Club Owners and Festival Throwers. They coordinate everything that goes into making an event as Chaotic as possible. 


    The Wolves are the gateway to all events. They are the Bouncers and Security guarding everyone so they can have as Chaotic a time as they desire.

    What happens if you hold one of each Chaotic DJs animal?

    A unique mechanism of Incubating, Staking and Sacrificing will give rise to our Crossbreed Mutant NFT Collection, unlocking additional rewards and earnings.
    ...but this specific Chaos only comes later. Stay informed.

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    phase 1

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    Assemble Strategic Fully Doxxed Team

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    Creation of 10,000 Chaotic DJs NFTs

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    Create & Develop Website and Social Media Community (Discord, Twitter, Instagram)

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    Establish a Strong Social Media presence across all Platforms

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    Partnerships & Collaborations with DJs, Celebrities, Music Scholarships, Festivals and Clubs

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    ERC-721 Smart Contract development and audit

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    Marketing ramp up, VIP List and Guest List giveaways

    phase 2
    phase 3
    phase 4


    Will the Chaotic DJs Collection have rarity?
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